• Tamicka Monson

God Allowed It

Updated: May 21, 2020

The best things in my life have been caused by God. The worst things in my life have been allowed by God. This truth was hard to come to terms with. Abuse? God allowed it. Abandonment? God allowed it. Family tragedy? God allowed it. While I in no way want to sound insensitive towards other people and their journeys, I will just focus on myself. I am learning that blaming and hating a God who allows me to have life is not going to heal the pain in my heart caused by others, even if He allows this pain. For some reason, He allows humans to have free will to do things. He does not always intervene. Oh, how I wish he would have! To have stretched out his hand and stopped my abuse. To have saved my brothers from drowning. But He didn’t. And I hated Him so much for that. I would hear people say things like, “God is going to use your story.” And I wanted to punch them. Side note: please stop telling your grieving friends this line, even if you believe it.

But anyway, I realize that God's ways are higher than my ways. It is so hard for me to see people hurting and suffering and know that God has allowed it. But He is God, and I am not. So rather than turning away from Him, I seek to hold the hands of others who may be suffering due to what evil has caused, but God allowed. Trusting that He loves every single one of us, and one day, He will make all things right.

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