• Tamicka Monson

I Once Was A Micromanager

I admit it. Working with kids was scary, especially on the cusp of losing two siblings I raised as my own. I was so terrified that something would happen to the kids in my care, I attempted to control every aspect of my team. I know it had to be annoying. While I can look back now and say I was a micromanager, at the time, I thought I was being cautious. Many of my team members had little or no experience and some probably had no idea about what they signed up for. But I had some great team members. I could have given them more space to lead and be creative. One of the things that frustrated me as an employee as well as a supervisor was the lack of autonomy I had. I was given a lot of responsibility with little authority to carry it out. In turn, I passed this behavior onto others. As of recently, I am studying my supervisors and managers and seeing how well they handle autonomy. Lesson learned.

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