• Tamicka Monson

Megan (Thee Stallion), You’re Stronger Than You Know

Dear Megan,

I am inspired by your strength. Not just the strength of recovering from physical trauma, but also emotional trauma that you have had to deal with. I don’t know the details of your situation or who was involved, but as I see people across social media making jokes and seeking to minimize your pain, I remember many other sistas who have been treated cruelly by society.

You are Nicki, who society has painted with a scarlet letter, because although she has given society what it wants -- the Barbie persona, the sexually explicit lyrics, the boss mentality to make money and not depend on a man -- society now eats its words.

You are Rihanna and Tina, who after being abused by their partners, became the center of many terrible jokes.

You are Whitney, whose love was poured out for a man who would lead her into a life of drugs.

You are the girl in the infamous R. Kelly video, whose sexual violence reminds us that black girls are over-sexualized, mistreated, and blamed for every single trauma they encounter.

You are Jada, whose terminology in describing a relationship has been used as humor when the many men that cheat on black women are assumed to be the norm.

You are Tamera, who chose love with a white man, but society has attacked since it wasn’t a brotha, when many black men date outside their race.

You are Ayesha, who society incorrectly painted as wanting male attention, but missed her overall discussion on her insecurities and anxiety.

You are Gabrielle, who defended her brotha in his sexual assault trauma, but when it was time to come to her defense against racism, was nowhere to be found.

You are Gayle, whose one mistake in an interview led her to be threatened by several men.

You are every girl in a rap video and explicit lyric.

You are every young girl missing right now, that society has told us are runaways, prostitutes, outliers.

You represent the women who are ostracized by a society that uplifts athletes, comedians, singers, and rappers, even when these celebrities have been found guilty of bad behavior while shaming their victims.

You are strong. Stronger than you know. The weight on your back was never meant to be carried alone. I stand with you. For every woman who may find the strength to leave her situation, grieve her situation, and speak about her situation because of you.

Thank you.

This is why #wecryblack.

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