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When Love Is 'Not Working'

In my previous blog, "Kicking You Out," I wrote about when to continue walking with someone who is seemingly pessimistic and when to walk away. I want to delve more into the topic of toxic relationships. Sometimes you can love a person past their negativity, and the situation is still toxic.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve were perfect and had no conflict in relationships until they sinned. Then they blamed each other and had a son who eventually killed his brother. This was not God's intention for creation. Thus, God does not intend for us to be in relationships with everyone, for in doing so, we can be unequally yoked and dragged into the toxicity. Relationships that make you doubt your self-worth. Friendships that pull you away from God. Family members that cause you unbearable heartache and even harm you physically.

So how do you know if someone is there because God is allowing them to be to stretch your faith versus someone who is just creating toxicity and draining the (spiritual) life out of you? Discernment. Often, you know when you leave a person's presence or hang up the phone after talking with a person if they are a toxic influence in your life. If you are unsure, seek the Lord. He will reveal if the relationship is meant to stretch you or to cut off. God's love never stops working, but you may need to cut off the relationship and allow God to work in their hearts, and love from afar.

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